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Seizing the commanding point of competition and developing industrial Internet
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This year's government work report for the first time proposed to "develop industrial Internet platform", which is a bright spot. It is worth noting that during the two sessions, representatives from government departments, telecommunication operators, telecommunication equipment manufacturers, Internet enterprises, traditional production enterprises, universities and research institutions and other sectors have made suggestions for the development of industrial Internet, with a wide range of cross fields and a high degree of attention rarely seen.

What is the industrial Internet? Industrial Internet is the key infrastructure to connect the whole system, industrial chain and value chain of the factory and support the intelligent development of the manufacturing industry. Yu Shaohua, deputy to the National People's Congress and vice president of Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and telecommunications, pointed out that the industrial Internet can be understood from three levels: "one is to form a network of integration of production, supply and marketing of factories; two is the intelligent development of manufacturing industry to promote new formats, new models and new ecology; three is the overall intelligent manufacturing."

The responsibility of industrial Internet is great! High quality development has become the current and future development ideas and fundamental requirements in China. This year's report on the work of the government pointed out that "we should focus on the real economy." Manufacturing industry is the main body of the real economy and the main force to realize innovation driven, transformation and upgrading of China's economy. Industrial Internet is the product of the deep integration of manufacturing industry and Internet, and it is the more extensive and deeper application of information and communication technology in manufacturing industry. The development of industrial Internet is of strategic significance for the transformation and upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry, accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power, achieving high-quality development and constantly improving international competitiveness.

Revolutionary opportunities are at hand, and challenges cannot be underestimated. At present, the development of the global industrial Internet is in a critical period of scale expansion and uncertain pattern. All countries attach great importance to and actively carry out relevant work, hoping to seize the leading power of a new round of industrial revolution brought by the industrial Internet. During the two sessions, many members of the NPC and CPPCC said: "strategic opportunities are fleeting. It's time to step up efforts and accelerate the development of industrial Internet!"

China has taken early action in industrial Internet and made remarkable achievements. In May 2015, the State Council issued "made in China 2025", proposing a "three-step" plan to build a manufacturing power. In October 2017, the State Council passed the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial Internet "Internet + advanced manufacturing industry", which defined the guiding ideology, basic principles, development objectives, main tasks and guarantee support for the development of industrial Internet in China. China has also established an industrial Internet industry alliance under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology. At present, there are more than 500 member units, including enterprises and institutions in manufacturing, Internet industry, communication industry and other fields. The industrial ecology has been continuously improved, and the innovation effect has begun to show.

However, there are still many practical problems in the development of industrial Internet in China, especially in comparison with leading countries. As early as 2012, the United States first proposed the concept of industrial Internet. Subsequently, at & T, Cisco, general electric, IBM, Intel and other giants jointly established the industrial Internet Alliance in the United States. Another manufacturing power, Germany, launched the national strategy of "industry 4.0" in 2013, striving to promote the transformation of traditional manufacturing industry to intelligence. In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has made great efforts to catch up. At present, 7 out of 22 industrial categories rank first in the world, and the output of more than 220 industrial products ranks first in the world. The industrial added value is the second in the world, and the total amount of manufacturing industry is the first in the world. However, it cannot be ignored that the structure of China's manufacturing industry is unbalanced. Industries 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 coexist at the same time. Some enterprises are even at the level of industry 1.0, unlike the United States and Germany, which only need to realize the transformation from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0. Liu duo, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of China Academy of information and communication, summed up the "three major deficiencies" of China's industrial Internet at present: insufficient key basic capabilities, insufficient ecological construction capabilities and insufficient support capabilities.

At the turning point of development, China should focus on the following work in the next stage, so as to better promote the development of industrial Internet: first, further strengthen the top-level design of industrial Internet development, continue to improve relevant supporting policies, and increase financial support. Second, we should pay attention to the construction of industrial Internet Ecology and system, give full play to the platform and link role of industrial Internet industry alliance and other organizations, and promote collaborative innovation and win-win in all aspects. Third, we should strengthen the training and reserve of talents to provide sustained impetus for the development of China's industrial Internet. Fourth, we should attach great importance to security issues, build a comprehensive security system, and realize the healthy and rapid development of the industrial Internet.

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